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Sharing is Caring

Both Rachel and Becky, who run Discreet & Delicious, are big sports fans AND big healthy eating fans. We are always keen to share our experiences and to encourage people to eat more healthily, happily talking about and sometimes demonstrating practically what we do on podcasts, radio, tv and for online news sites.

In addition, we are actively working with a number of charitable organisations to deliver workshops and information talks about healthy eating, nutrition and cooking from scratch to audiences both young and old. We feel that everyone should benefit from the extensive knowledge we have gained whilst working with the elite athletes and the Performance Nutritionists, who most people don’t have access to.

Performance Nutritionists in particular, have a deep understanding of how the body uses the various nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in the food we eat. They are busy working with athletes, but we have the opportunity to share that knowledge with the wider population.


Discreet & Delicious Media

Since starting the company, we have appeared on a variety of podcasts, television and radio programmes over the past few years, contributing to the topics of the moment.

In addition, we have been contributors to and, sometimes the subject of, many website and magazine articles, either specifically about us and what we do, or as contributors to a wider discussion about healthy eating or sharing recipes.


BBC Scotland Business

The most recent example of us in the media is this Magnus Bennett article for BBC Scotland which goes into some detail about how our Performance Chefs work with elite athletes to deliver their nutrition requirements. The article is called “The performance chef who keeps athletes on their toes”.


Mark Sleight Podcast – 40, Fit & Fabulous

 In May 2018, Discreet & Delicious founder, Rachel Muse, featured on a 2-part podcast with Health Coach and all-round Nutrition hero, Mark Sleight. Rachel and Mark had a wide-ranging discussion covering subjects as diverse as how we work with elite athletes on a day to day basis to how the company was founded.

Part 1

Part 2


Rural Travel Guide – Traditional British food is evolving not dying

In November 2017, we contributed to this article about traditional British foods and food production methods, leading to the top-quality ingredients which we use in the business.


Rugby Business Network Podcast

 Rachel and Becky are both big rugby fans, so, when asked to appear on the Rugby Business Network podcast in Summer 2017, Rachel jumped at the chance. She gave a detailed interview with Kevin Van Lelyveld, talking about the history of the company and the work the company does with elite athletes and HNW business people.


Healthy Kitchen

Having filmed the series earlier in the year, throughout July and August 2016, Rachel was appearing on television as the resident chef for Healthy Kitchen. This was a series made for British Muslim TV, the start of which was timed to coincide with the religious festival of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Healthy Kitchen aimed to show Muslims living in the UK how to cook simple, healthy, halal food from scratch and to put cooking and eating back at the heart of the family. The series was accompanied by a website with a lot more information, including recipe cards, re-runs and videos from the show. In their own words, “Simply put, we want to help you change your cooking and eating habits, which will lead to a healthier lifestyle. There is an obesity epidemic in the UK. Affecting children all the way into adulthood. Why? Traditional lifestyles have changed. The home structure now has both parents working, the kitchen is no longer the feeding centre of the home for many people. Homely cooking skills handed down from generation to generation are now being lost and overtaken by the ‘quick-fix’ of takeaways or eating out. Now there’s nothing wrong with an occasional treat but we think you can have more family fun, cooking and eating together.


BBC Radio Wiltshire

 A few weeks prior to the Rio Olympic Games, in July 2016, the Team GB Open Water Swimming Team (Keri-anne Payne, Jack Burnell, their coaches and other support staff) went to Swansea for a week of intense training and event preparation, and Discreet and Delicious provided a Performance Chef to stay nearby and cook a healthy, nutritious dinner for them, every evening, at their rented townhouse at Swansea Marina.

A few weeks later, while the Olympics were in full swing, we were invited onto the Sue Davies show on our local BBC Radio (Wiltshire) to talk about the experience.


YouTube – Meals for Elite Athletes

In addition to our presence on various forms of media, we also have our own YouTube channel where we have shared many video recipes. These are recipes our chefs have developed whilst working with elite athlete clients and they are easy to follow, easy to make meals for athletes which are healthy and delicious. Each recipe also gives the macro-nutrient values so that the dish can be matched up against a periodised nutrition requirement for each individual. Soon there will be an e-book putting all of these recipes together in one place, for ease of use… watch this space!


Odds and Ends of Discreet and Delicious

In addition, we have been featured in, or guests on, a variety of other platforms, including several local papers and magazines like the Salisbury Journal and Salisbury Life. But also, some which are more national, and food focussed like Waitrose magazine.

The common theme running through all of the media listed here, plus everything we do which isn’t listed, is about how we provide the bridge between the nutritionist and their advice and the athlete and their taste buds. Contact us if you feel we would be an interesting or useful addition to your podcast or production, we’re always happy to share what we do.


Performance Chefs in Professional Player

Performance Chefs in Professional Player

Professional Player Magazine

Professional Player, which is a magazine produced by former footballers for footballers. This is how they describe their magazine, “The magazine addresses issues facing the modern professional both on and off the field, providing the ultimate good living guide, as well as inspiring players who are nearing retirement and need a new focus.”


The Performance Kitchen

We were guest chefs on The Performance Kitchen, cooking Red Apple and Chorizo Rosti to add to their selection of nutrition packed meals for athletes. This is how they describe themselves: “The Performance Kitchen brings together some of the most successful & accomplished athletes, dancers, models, and performers, in the world to share their recipes, exercise ideas, nutrition tips and give you some insight into what it is like to compete at the highest level.”


 Discreet and Delicious Performance Chefs

As demonstrated throughout our media presence, our Performance Chefs already have a good understanding of performance nutrition, but we also like to work with the player’s personal or club Nutritionists to ensure that we are providing exactly the food that they need and none of the food they shouldn’t have.

A lot of the food recommended by nutritionists, whilst undoubtedly good for the player, can be rather dull and uninspiring. What we do is add the cheffy know-how to make those foods interesting and tasty without diluting the nutritional value.

The athletes don’t need to worry about understanding the nutrition advice they are given and what food they are eating, they can trust us to feed them the right food and make it taste delicious. We work with them to make tweaks to flavour and texture until it is just as they like it… spicier, sweeter, thinner, crunchier.

Improve your performance, minimise injuries and prolong your career. Contact us for more information.

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