Grass Roots – Salisbury FC

For over 5 years, for many individual players at football clubs across the Premier League and Championship, Discreet & Delicious Performance Chefs have been providing delicious food to match the nutrition required for elite professional football players. Taking the nutritional advice off the page and putting it on a plate. Now we welcome the opportunity to help our local team, Salisbury FC, with improved nutrition for their matchday food.

Salisbury FC play in the Bet Victor Southern League Premier Division and, clearly, don’t have the budget of the big national football league clubs so there are no performance chefs cooking in individual players’ houses. Instead we are cooking the post-match meal for home matches for both sets of players, coaches and matchday officials. By making small adjustments to traditional recipes we are able to improve the nutritional value of the food we are serving, and give the players that marginal gain in their performance.

There is a lot of talk in the media about supporting grass roots football. In order for any player with talent to have the chance to excel, they need to have a pathway to the top levels. Small, local clubs like Salisbury FC are an important part of this pathway. There are good coaches there and scouts come from the big teams to see the players.

Local clubs also serve a purpose in the local community; helping people stay fit and healthy as well as bringing people from the local community together. Many of these clubs, including Salisbury FC, are run by an army of volunteers, giving their time and skills to help the club succeed and keep the facility running for whoever needs or wants it.

By providing the matchday food, we have an excellent opportunity to transfer the knowledge and understanding gained from working with top level sports nutritionists and sports scientists down to grass roots football. There is no other way for small clubs to afford that level of expertise, so it is a great way of sharing that resource a little more fairly.

Who knows which of the current players could rise through the leagues, one of them could be the next Jamie Vardy! When they do, they’ll have a top-class Performance Chef from Discreet and Delicious in their corner, to help them reach their full potential.

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