About us

If you are an athlete, come and talk to Discreet and Delicious, we bring you the flavours and tastes that you really enjoy, but we also provide the perfect balance of nutrition.

Discreet and Delicious

We spend time to understand your perfect menu and once we know your preferences and flavours we then work on the nutrition – the perfect synergy of protein, carbohydrates, trace elements and flavour.

Discreet and Delicious is run by Rachel and Becky. Rachel has a background mainly in the kitchen and Becky mainly in the business world. The perfect combination of skill sets to run a food based business.

Our chefs already have a good understanding of performance nutrition and are used to working with periodised nutrition systems. In addition, we like to work with the athlete’s personal or club nutritionists to ensure that we are providing exactly the food that they need and none of the food that they shouldn’t have.



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